4 Festivals That Make India Too Good To Resist

India is a very colorful place with a significant amount of cultural and traditional engagements that have survived so many years. This is a place where people with different histories and religions coexist in harmony. India is a colorful place with a significant amount of cultural and traditional engagements that have survived so many years.

The countries beautiful and exotic country are talked about worldwide. Every celebration has a different story from the next. These festivities are not something you want to miss and nothing to be surprised if people are going to India just to experience these festivals. The abundance of celebrations all around the country are attractive and are full of meaning.

These festivals are very colorful and are marked as a national public holiday. In times like these, there is an abundance of food, cultural, music & booze, and some of them are totally unbelievable. Some of these festivals and celebrations include Diwali, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra, Navratri, Gurupurab, Bihu, Hemis, and others. Although the celebrations happen at different times in the year, the period between September and January is when the country is seen at its most vibrant.

Below are the four most colorful festivals in India.

1. Sankranthi

Sankranthi is a promising festival celebrated in the middle of January. The date is almost always being the 14th of January with only a few exceptions. It is celebrated in various parts of India with colorful decorations in homes. Activities during Sankranthi include special cuisine, kite flying, feasts & bonfires, arts, dance and children asking for treats.

Its significance is that it is a festival of harvest and is dedicated to the Hindu sun god Surya.

2. Holi

This is known as the festival of colors. It is celebrated with a lot of bloom & brightness all around the country and it is most vibrant in the northern part of India. The celebrations usually begin on the eve of Holi, during which people will gather together and perform rituals in front of a bonfire. Some of the peculiar attractions about Holi is the Holika fire, playing with colored powder and a special drink made from Bhang(the leaves and & flower tops cannabis).

3. Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is another important Hindu festival in India. The festival celebrates the birthday of Ganesha. It is usually celebrated in either August or September. The celebration is marked by chanting of Hindu texts and Vedic hymns in front of Ganesh idol. Public preparations for this celebration begins months ahead of time with a carving of idols among other things. At the end of the festival all the Ganesh idols installed in public places are immersed in water bodies, either in oceans or lakes.

4. Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights. In this festival celebrations people are seen with new clothes, they play with firecrackers and their houses are decorated with clay candles called diya. It is celebrated with friends and family as they come together to share food and sweets. It is celebrated all over the country, unlike some other festivals which are limited to specific parts.

India is a country of many colors and flavors. Visit India and enjoy these beautiful festivals.

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