Very Rough City Guide – Bangalore

The quintessential IT hub of the country, Bangalore charms people with great food platters from different parts of the globe, huge malls, a call to drive past windy roads, amazing hikes around city outskirts, dainty lakes & gardens and many more.


Personally, I think Bangalore should be on every tourists bucket list when they are traveling in India.

Who could know more about Bangalore than some one residing there. So, I asked Madhurima the wizard beyond the blog Orange Wayfarer to answer me a few questions about this city.

Madhurima is an MBA grad just like me, working as a Business Analyst with an MNC. She says “Blogging gives me solace as I get to practice my long cherished penchant for writing, that too about travels I make”.

So, without further ado, here is Madhurima:

Sai: How do you sum up Bangalore?

Madhurima: A perfect blend of tradition and fast paced lifestyle, Bangalore says it all when the woman in saree and a gajra in her hair will drive her car to workplace, everyday. Kannadigas here will greet you with smile, heavily accented cute Hindi words(often wrongly gendered) and quickly resort to fluent English as a medium of communication. As a woman you can walk down the roads even at midnight in dresses you like, without much worry about neighborhood.

What are the top things to do in Bangalore?

Indulge in clubbing while grooving to the tunes from all time favorites. There are breweries in the city that swear by authenticity.

A morning walk through Cubbon park followed by a sumptuous breakfast at Vidyarthi Bhaban is much coveted. Plan a weekend gateway with friends to head out straight on a Friday night. Grab a meal at Rasta Cafe while on the way. Hike on the Western Ghats to explore ancient temples and vivacious wildlife.

What if someone has only one day to explore Bangalore….

Do not sleep the previous night. Start at midnight for a hike through Nandihill, the hill of happiness. The view from top will be a memory to cherish for lifetime.

Vidhana Sabha

Fuel up with a good breakfast platter, and head towards central part of the city, offering an array of sights – Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan, The Vidhana Sabha, magnificent Bangalore Palace etc.

Have a soulful lunch at one of the Military hotels with donne biryani to know what helped soldiers from days of yore to march towards battlefield with zeal. Collect your souvenirs from Commercial Street and head towards Indira Nagar 100 ft road to hang out at one of the much sought after party places.

Have one more day to spare? Look no further than the amusement park of Wonderla situated on Mysore highway.

Where can someone find the perfect meal in the city?

Since the city hosts ethnicity from around the country, it is very easy to satisfy your taste-buds with a host of choices. Add to that, Bangalore has amazing continental breakfast scenes.

My pick from the city would be The Hole In The Wall Cafe & Cafe 154 for English breakfast and Koshy’s for the charm of British legacy. The Ant’s cafe at Indira Nagar is a quaint little cafe that serves organic meal to guests’ delight.

For lunch, you may choose The Only Place, which is the best steakhouse in the city or order food at the Goanese Kitchen.

Have a look at The esplanade, Nagarjuna, Big Brewkey, Smally’s, Paradise, the Vietnamese Kitchen, Phobidden Fruit…. the list goes on, really.

The streets at Koramanagala and Indiranagar will never look the same for consecutive weeks as new cafe joints spur up every other week.

What is the best thing about Bangalore?

The quintessential best weather scene of the country that can put the comfort of AC to shame. Safety of city dwellers is assured round the clock.

What is the worst?

Frequent power cuts and receding water supply during summer will feature in this list. Traffic to workplace on a regular workday is a nightmare for many.

What is a little known fact about Bangalore….

The only city with access to 3 other metro cities (Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad) in less than 12 hours road stretch.

IISc Campus | Image Source. | Image License.

What is your favorite spot in Bangalore is….

Blossoms book house, Koramangala, Koshys, IISc campus, driving through city outskirts, gardens from every locality with a lake tucks inside like a surprise. Bangalore is soothing.

On a typical weekend what would you be doing?

I will wake up to call an auto with destination marked as Russel Market. The old style sea food market has been charming people since 1927.

I will go to Koshys post that for a hearty breakfast followed by some second hand book shopping in the neighborhood. Post cooking and lunch session, I will hang out with my friends in Toit, planning for a night out. I will drive towards Rasta Cafe or the airport road for a night tea (the airport stands 2 hours away from downtown).

As the sun rises, it is time to head back home. Bangalore sleeps very late or may be, she never sleeps at all.

To know more about Madhuriam, visit her blog or tweet her @orangewayfarer.

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