Introduction About Add Some Curry

Namaste! I am Sai, travel writer and blogger based in Hyderabad. After traveling for 5 years, I am determined to travel in India and share my assorted journey through this blog.

Add Some Curry is the child of my primary blog Romancing The Planet, where I share my travel stories about the world. I visited almost every corner on the planet and what would be more natural than exploring India now that I have returned home to my native India?

About Add Some Curry travel blog

The blog is my mission to write about India that I have seen firsthand. The mission has no set time limit. I expect the blog will grow & grow and potentially never end. Other bloggers will be called upon to write some posts. Advice prepared by experts will be added to the blog as the exploration continues.

What can you get out of Add Some Curry

You get a first hand record in words & pictures of the most visited & the most unique but least known places in India. You may get a chance to show off your city, restaurant or attraction. You may get bragging rights about being on an internationally famous blogger’s site. 😉

Over time Add Some Curry will become one of the most authentic guides to all of India that exists. Many guides are really just ads for certain places. This blog will show you all there is and let you pick what you want.

Finally, you get insider information about how to get to the places you want to see, where to stay and most of the things that you want to know before making your travel plans to India. You do not have to deal with sales hype.

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