Destinations You Can Go & Top up Your Tan

Wondering where to go on your next vacation? If you’re longing for some vitamin D or are desperate to top up your tan, we gathered the six beach destinations in the world that will ensure you achieve the perfect golden glow!


This country in South America is a paradise for its tourists. With its dazzling beaches, tourists from every part of the world come to visit. Rio de Janeiro’s Ipanema Beach offers tourists various activities such as surfing, hopping on boardwalks, going to the open air gym and having fun in bars where you can hang out with other tourists. Sun worshippers must visit Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach. The beach boasts a number of bars, clubs and caipirinha stalls, and it’s an ideal place to get that perfect tan.


Located in the western part of India, Goa is the perfect holiday destination because of its spectacular beaches, making it a perfect place to relax while topping up your tan. Calangute Beach is the “Queen of Beaches” in Goa and is also listed in the world’s beautiful beaches. This huge, serene beach is ideal not only for chilling out on the sand but also for water sports such as kayaking and sailing. There is always something going on in Baga Beach, a resort in Goa not far from Calangute. Casually lie around and bathe in the sun through the day and take pleasure in some jet skiing, banana riding and parasailing.


In this part of the world, the sun almost always shines. Dubai is home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and resorts and is the perfect place to work on your tan. Want a party from sunrise to sunset? Visit the Nasimi Beach in Atlantis, The Palm. Relaxing on the sun beds or sun loungers, sipping your favourite drink while music is being played in the background is a common scenario in this lush resort.


Ever heard of the famous Montego Bay? Located on the north coast of Jamaica, Montego Bay musts a magnitude of stunning beaches and golf courses. The calm, crystal clear waters and snowy white beaches of Doctors Cave Beach Club is a must for tourists who want to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. While you are in Montego Bay, you might as well visit the White Witch of Rose Hall. It is a golf course that offers golfers the stunning view of the ocean.


Best known for great beaches, magnificent royal palaces, prehistoric ruins, and richly-built temples, this southeast Asian country is one of the perfect beach destinations to secure a glowing suntan. Patong Beach in Phuket is the largest, most vibrant beach in Thailand. Both locals and tourists can socially interact. Jet skiing is the top activity here during the day and partying on the sand is the trend at night time. If you want to enjoy peace and quiet, head over to Kata Beach in Phuket to enjoy the scenic views of the palm trees and clear blue skies while lying down on the sand.


If you fancy something a little different, and a lot more permanent, why not jet off to Australia for a year for the ultimate gap year. Australia offers the perfect combination of fantastic all year-round weather, a relaxed and chilled out culture and vibe and adventure. The outdoor lifestyle is spot on here and it is a fantastic place to spend your time and to live.

If you would suggest some beach destinations where we all can tan up our skins, let us know in the comments section below.

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