Europe’s 5 Most Romantic Holiday Destinations

Europe is among the most romantic destinations in the world and is even host to the city of love, Paris in France. There are many romantic destinations in Europe that are renowned for their romance and mystery. Read on to see the 5 top romantic destinations in Europe.

romantic destinations in Europe - santorini

Santorini, Greece

Santorini’s climate is heavenly, the landscape is dramatic, and sunsets are magnificent, while the whitewashed towns perfectly sit on the hilly town. This is the perfect place to propose to your loved one, or to visit on your honeymoon. This idyllic paradise keeps tourists coming back time and time again for more intimate holidays. Marvel at the sun as it majestically sets or experience a scenic view of the island’s submerged volcano from Fira village. The Red Beach is a must-visit, with the red pebble-filled sands and blue waters forming a perfect sight. The beach is also famous around the world for its uniqueness and apart from swimming, you can have a picnic or sunbathe there.

Venice, Italy

Undoubtedly one of the most romantic destinations in Europe is Italy. Venice is a great Italian city that you should visit with your lover for a holiday as it gives you that romantic vibe. Hotels like Royal San Marco and Ca’ Maria Adele will sure set the mood, with their antique furnishings and exceptional decor. You can have perfect dates at the St. Mark’s Square or a 40-minute gondola ride at the Grand Canal. Also, there is nothing more romantic than walking the streets of Venice, gorging yourself on gelato after dinner just like most locals do. Catch the stunning view of the sun sinking down the Venetian horizon from the Giardinni Pubblici.

Chania, Crete

A romantic holiday in Crete will introduce you to spectacular landscapes as well as paradisal beaches and sunsets. The pretty city of Chania brims with a lot of activities, from taking romantic strolls down the scenic alleys lined with distinctive buildings to hiring a carriage to tour the Old City. You can relax whist viewing the lighthouse and seeing the mass of blue waters from afar and devouring luscious meals from the local restaurants.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest it deemed to be a romantic destination mainly because of the Danube River which divides the Buda which is the historical area and the Pest, the modern district. There is a good array of restaurants alongside the river where you can have dinner dates while having a great view of Budapest, but it is even more romantic to book dinner cruises down the Danube River. You can also take slow romantic walks along the river from the Pest district heading to the Buda area and get to walk over the famed 1800s stone suspension bridge.

The Cotswolds, England

The Cotswolds has some of the best romantic accommodation including; cottages, country inns, restaurants, and hotels, some of which are award-winning. Experiencing the exotic fragrances from the lavender fields can be memorable for any lovebirds while watching the sunset as it meets the furthest stretch of the farm. Also, spend time at the Stow on the Wold while browsing through the gift shops, enjoying refreshment from the cafes, and stopping by the St. Edward’s Church then later spend the night enjoying local ales in one of the oldest pubs in the Cotswolds.

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