Luxurious Holiday Destinations Around the Globe

There are many luxurious holiday destinations around the world where you can splurge your money living like royalty. These luxurious holiday destinations are located on different continents and have a lot to offer. If you don’t mind blowing a few dollars, here are some of the world’s most luxurious holiday destinations to try.

luxurious holiday destinations - dubai


When you think of Dubai, think man-made islands, towering buildings, and splashing out. This Middle Eastern city has been an arena for the wealthy, with the economy centered on money. It is popular among visitors who go to splurge their money on posh yachts and hotels, shopping and other day outings.

What Dubai lacks in culture, it makes up for in splendor and picturesque coastline as well as a desert oasis while you can spend a whopping $20, 000 on a one night stay at the best hotel in the city. The laws and customs may be quite different to what you are used to, however the travel agent helping you plan your visit to Dubai will provide you with all the information you need to know to help you have a fun and safe time.

Goa, India

Goa stretches the coastline of the Indian Ocean creating a home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. A holiday in Goa means a chance to experience the Dudhsagar Falls which are a heavenly sight and also known as the Sea of Milk, ranking second in India for the highest falls. The Bom of Jesus is also a major attraction in the old Goa as it holds the remains of St. Francis Xavier. South Goa has an array of hotels for every budget, at the top end you’ll find luxurious grand hotels with some having the best spa treatments, stately rooms, and also views of the vast Indian Ocean.


If you are looking for a luxury holiday abroad with a difference, then Zanzibar is East Africa’s best island escape. Everything from the beautiful white sand beaches to great food and some of the world’s best diving makes the exotic island the perfect haven. The island stands out with its own unique style with the turquoise blue waters meeting the tropical trees. Historically, the Island used to be Africa’s biggest supplier of spices and that is why it ended up being referred to as the spice island. Some of the best hotels in Zanzibar include Kilindi, Fundu Lagoon, and the Residence Zanzibar.  


Amsterdam may be suitable for two different audiences, one that wants to have a wild time and another that want to enjoy a calm luxurious holiday. Just like Venice, Amsterdam has multiple historic buildings and canals that connect at different places. The city has a number of orchestras and art museums that are cherished all around the world. To take your experience a notch higher, take candlelight cruises at night and the experience will undoubtedly make your holiday worthwhile.   


High fashion, style, and luxurious lifestyles are highly regarded in Paris and this makes it a perfect luxurious destination. Activities to indulge in over your holiday are diversified and so, whether it is a small break or weeks of vacations, you will not miss out on fun activities. A famous luxury hotel in Paris is the Le Meurice with great interior décor and rooms. The culinary techniques used by the French as well as their cuisines are considered the best examples of fine dining.

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