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Summers to me are synonymous with vacation and the last one was no different. Usually, the tedious task of shortlisting places to visit in India takes months of research, however, this once I exactly knew where my heart was leading me. Chail.

The early chilly mornings where the chirping birds wake you up to the view of tall pine trees was all the itinerary I needed. With sightseeing expeditions, shopping arcade suggestions and culinary treasures, there was nothing more I was seeking from my gateway. So I set out on an exceptional journey that ironically had me feeling a lot like home.

RATIKA, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Why Chail?

Chail is home to a kaleidoscope of cultures, the world’s highest cricket ground, verdant forests, and snow-capped mighty peaks of the Himalayas among other untainted and unexplored features. It is a breath of fresh air away from the tedious life we live in the concrete walls of a city. It gives you numerous options of tranquil places to explore and the touch of British architecture still lingers in major parts of the town. I was exhausted by the mind-numbing restlessness of the city and Chail felt like that haven I could choose to escape and rewind.

What Did I Do In Chail?

Being home to the world’s highest cricket ground, this topped my bucket list. Set at an altitude of 2144 meters, wandering around this alluring piece of land is a must. As a part of my sightseeing list, I also covered Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Chail Palace, Himalayan Nature Park, Chail Bazaar and the Sadhupul Lake.

Being blessed with a stunning location and ideal weather, I opted for outdoor activities such as trekking via Oak trail and Pine trail, off-roading and snow driving.

After nature and adventure, Chail also offered me a platform to grow my spiritual horizons and I happily accepted the offer. Kali Ka Tibba, Siddh Baba Ka Mandir and Chail Gurudwara are the three religious institutions held in high regard amidst the localities. The peace and serenity one can experience here are unlike anywhere else.

Sameer Kumar, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Accommodation In Chail

Humans have lined the mountains with laid-back retreats and my pick was the Hotel Grand Sunset. I was welcomed with a lot of big and small accommodation facilities while browsing the internet and asking around locally. However, this particular hotel was always listed as the top choice.

So, going with the unanimous feeling, I booked myself a premium deluxe room and I could not be more glad that I did. The hotel also has deluxe rooms for a warm and comfortable stay and family suits with two king-size beds that are great to book if you are travelling with friends or family. Every room offers spectacular valley views from the windows to keep travellers mesmerized. Imagine waking up to a misty skyline with snow-capped peaks in the background and surrounding dense forestlands. You are sure to be high-spirited through the day!

View from the hotel
Hotel Grand Sunset lobby

The hotel exhibits grandeur and class in its true sense. It lets you enjoy luxury at affordable rates. The rooms are intelligently furnished where wooden beds and window frames adorn the room. It takes one back to the age-old traditions and you can feel the vibe of the local culture of the state. The room makes every effort to make you revel in the elegance of the bygone era. The rooms are equipped with modern guest amenities such as free Wi-Fi access, ironing services, power back-up free lodging for drivers, laundry etc. It also features state of the art equipment such as a tea and coffee making machine and guests are provided with supreme toiletries.

Premium room interior
Sunset view from premium room

Another highlighting service they provide is a travel desk from where I picked up most information about unique and offbeat local places. The pro-active staff at the travel desk will certainly make your stay in Chail as easy-going as it gets. They helped me with sightseeing and travel arrangements and there are cars available to rent and explore the nearby areas.

The food served in the multi-cuisine restaurant will make your mouth water and nothing beats its spacious indoor game room that features table tennis, pool table and lots more. The most memorable evening I had on my trip was spending an evening at the sprawling rooftop terrace of the hotel. Staying true to its name, the views of the sunset were grand and unmatched. Moreover, with lip-smacking food came some amazing music- courtesy the DJ facility kept to entertain the guests.

Lastly, the courteous hotel staff takes care of all your needs and the overall impeccable service would leave you elated. It is a home away from home and I would absolutely recommend booking yourself at this hotel to make most of your holiday in Chail.

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