5 Interesting Destinations for the Active Traveler

There are as many different destinations as there are travelers. For many of us, a holiday means lots of activities like walking, trekking, sailing, and much more. Listed below are some destinations for the active traveler.

Angkor Wat

Destinations for the Active Traveler - angkor wat

A massive temple complex in Cambodia spread on a site of 162.6 hectares; it is the biggest of its kind in the whole world and is one of the must visit destinations for the active traveler in Asia. The immense spread and sheer size of the whole complex is breath-taking. Its most famous temples include Bayon and Angkor Thom. This trip involves lots and lots of walking. Many of the temples are in a state of ruin with the forests encroaching upon them. Many countries worldwide have contributed their expertise and funds to aid in restoration of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. A must visit if one is interested in history. The sheer scale and genius of the Khmer is simply mind-boggling.

Vatican City, Italy

Destinations for the Active Traveler - vatican city

If you like beautiful Renaissance architecture and the best of the Roman Empire all in one place, Vatican City is the place to be. At every turn one is greeted by awe-inspiring sculptures and artworks by the masters of Renaissance. You just cannot have enough. The place is steeped in history. Every corner, every balustrade speaks out. There are a number of guided tours through the Vatican to point out the significance and relevance of its overwhelming display. One can also avail of special ‘Da Vinci Code’ tours for fans of the book by the same name by Dan Brown that is based upon a plot involving the Vatican. Italy is one of the most romantic spots in Europe, so if you are travelling with your partner,  be sure to spend some time exploring the many beautiful areas of Italy.

Ireland, UK

Destinations for the Active Traveler - ireland

Ireland seems to have it all for the active traveler. You can head to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland for a wonderful view of the basalt cliffs which are the result of fissures from a volcanic eruption. The drive along the coastline is breathtaking with ruins of castles on the way. Ireland is liberally sprinkled with historical buildings for the architecture enthusiast. There are lakes scattered throughout that offer many water-based activities and also nature walks, zip lining, and so on.


Destinations for the Active Traveler - borneo

For an active, outdoor holiday, there is nothing better than an adventure holiday in Borneo. One can trek to the summit of Mt. Kinabalu for breathtaking views from the very top. There are also trekking trips through dense rainforests for a glimpse into the fabled wildlife of Borneo, as also forest safaris. The colors and plumage of the fauna and profusion of fauna are sure to take one’s breath away. Also on offer is sea kayaking trips through its islands. You can also go on a swimming trip with turtles at Sipandan.

Leh and Ladakh

Destinations for the Active Traveler - ladakh

One stunning trek after other is on offer for travelers here amongst stark and stunningly beautiful locales. With the imposing Himalayan ranges as a backdrop, one can just go on and on about the beauty of this place. With crystal clear lakes, monasteries, palaces, magnetic hill, and mountain passes on offer, the sheer variety on offer is amazing.

Finding the destination of one’s dreams is half the job done. It is time to head out to these destinations for the active traveler.

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