Holi – A Wild & Colorful Festival In India

As the winter recedes and tropical land of India turns pleasant at the onset of spring, a celebration of color and joy commences on the land in all the galore. Holi it is as we love to scream, Holi hain!

Myths, legends, deities and urban lifestyle seamlessly merge to create the boisterous festival. It may be a challenge to pin point devotion amid loud cheers and music but the spirit and passion play takes ubiquitous presence. It is hard to give a miss to those happy faces in the crowd.

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Come Holi, visit India to experience the unique play, dance on the traditional tunes and feast on the sweetmeat prepared with clarified butter, all homemade and splash the organic colors. Life is good, indeed! Different states in the country celebrate their own Holi. Some call the colors abeer, some call it gulal. But the intoxication of bhang remains same everywhere!

If you dig deeper in history interesting facts churn out of our historical documents and epics. Holi was popular among the lovers Krishna and Radha. The mythical characters had let their hair lose at the onset of the festival, spraying each other with hues and making merry together.

To much of modern amusement, inherent intent of Holi remains same. However this colorful festival of India has transcended from religious tune to an appeal for everybody. The alleys, the paddy fields, the villages and the urban community centers arrange for their own party and indulge in various fun activities. The prominent hotels in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, etc. deck up their lawns and calls for celebration. There is no dearth of arrangement.

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The next Holi is scheduled at the beginning of March, 2018. Citizens across the globe head for this Indian celebration for reasons as following!

  • No religious faith is ever enforced. Puja (worshiping Hindu idols) happens only at personal space and you are welcome to participate or keep your faith.
  • Get a chance to sip on Bhang, the favorite drink of Lord Shiva, as mythology suggests. It is made of cannabis and milk, ghee, mangoes & Indian spices!
  • Experience Holika Dahan, an evening of bonfire before h festival ensues.
  • Colors in use are mostly organic. Do not forget to apply coconut oil beforehand to remove them gently.
  • Get your bucket of water balloons and colors to have fun to the fullest.

If visiting India, following is a list of must-visit places in India during Holi, if you want a real feel of this vibrant festival!

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  1. Krishna Leela at Mathura & Vrindavan – The birthplace of Lord Krishna, the cities experience participation in Raas Leela in huge numbers.
  2. Lath Maar Holi in Barsane – 50 Km away from Matura, here women use a stick to save from the men who rush with a bucketful of color. It is fun to watch as much as to take part in!
  3. Shantiniketan in West Bengal – The home to Rabindranath Tagore’s university, an aesthetic show with cultural extravaganza is put up by the university students, known as the Vasant Utsav.
  4. Elephant Festival in Jaipur – Experience the great Elephant Festival, which takes place a day before Holi in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The procession has activities like elephant polo, elephant races and a tug of war.

If this story has been able to initiate an unprecedented adrenaline rush, do not forget to partake in one of the festivities next year!

What is your favorite memory of Holi? Share with us in the comments section.

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