Keys To Make Friends While Traveling In India

Making friends while traveling in India is way too easier than you think and you don’t need to be a social butterfly for this cause. Following tips will assist you in transforming strangers in India into the best of friends!

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Book Accommodation At A Guesthouse Or Homestay – Being a tourist friendly country, India has immensely emerged the guesthouse culture in past few years. Guesthouses and homestays in India are much cheaper as compared to the hotels and lodges. Also, the best thing about guesthouses is that it offers you a great deal to interact with more people and make new friends as it has a larger accommodation space and many things in common.

Sharing Mutual Love For Food – Indians’ love their food for Indian food is one of the best in the world. They are very fond of various cuisines, especially western food. In India, it is believed that the way towards someone’s heart goes through the stomach. The best and guaranteed way to make friends in India is by sharing a bite, even better if you are carrying something from your country.

Party With Locals – Indian youth is ever-ready and up for parties. So, if you’re someone who loves partying a lot, I suggest you to visit the nearest clubs and find some party heads to hangout. If you are planning to visit an urban side of India, then you can join locals for a bonfire session performing folk performances and serving delectable local food there. After all, partying best bonds individuals!

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Use Mobile Apps Like Couchsurfing – Internet has made this world a small place and the addition of thousands of apps present in the app stores is a cherry on the cake. You can try finding and contacting Indian people, who share a similar passion as yours on such mediums like Couchsurfing, etc. before planning your trip to India. I bet you will find many friendly souls on those platforms because majority of people make use of social media and various travel-related apps.

Initiate Conversations With People Who Have Similar Interests – If you are visiting any public attraction in India, may it be a museum or an art gallery or even a store in some mall, I suggest you to keep your radar on the surroundings and catch people checking out stuffs which fascinates you too. You can build the conversation across the same and take it forward from then!

Plan Activities With Friends Of Friends – The network of people in India is very strong. You will hardly find anyone roaming alone here. Don’t shy away from planning some kind of exciting group activity with friends of your friend to thoroughly enjoy your day out. Indians very well gel with new people in the group so you will be alright after a couple of awkward minutes!

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Don’t Think Twice Before Asking Out – Let me make one thing very clear, Indians are quite open-minded and welcoming people. They love meeting new people. Just be yourself and never hesitate in asking anything out unless it could affect their emotions and they will happily help you right away.

Compliment When You Like Someone About Something – May it be an interesting novel they are reading or an attractive backpack they are carrying, do not think twice before initiating conversation and breaking the ice. Though, you must be a bit of cautious while complimenting a girl in India in order to avoid being tagged as a creep or flirt.

Share Your Travel Plans – Last but not the least, you can share your itinerary with people on social media like Facebook Groups and ask the locales to join in if they find it interesting. I bet, you will find many companions to accompany you in this manner!

Hope India offers you memories to cherish for lifetime on your first trip and wish that these tips help you make many Indian friends on the go. Keep exploring!

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