3 Local Foods of Himachal Pradesh You Must Add to Your Travel Plate

While the snow-capped mountains and deep valleys of Himachal Pradesh call you to enjoy a relaxing vacation, this charming state in India has a lot in store to offer. This includes local foods of Himachal Pradesh that are a feast for the taste buds.

While exploring the nooks and corners of Himachal Pradesh, set out on a gastronomic journey to satisfy the foodie in you. Book online tours to any part of the state and you will find food that would delight your appetite. Here are 3 local foods of Himachal Pradesh you must add to your travel plate.

1. Dham

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You are in for a hearty meal if you visit Himachal Pradesh during festivities. No celebration in the state is considered to be complete without serving dham to the guests. This is a plate full of variety of dishes including rajma (red kidney beans), moong dal (green lentils), rice, and curd.

All this is accompanied by boor ki kadhi which would make your mouth water. For dessert, you are served meetha bhatt that is sweet rice or mithdee which is usually made using boondi. Dham is specially prepared by cooks called ‘botis’ and is primarily found in Manali and Chamba town of Himachal Pradesh.

The style of preparing Dham may differ from place to place, but nevertheless it will leave you finger-licking.

2. Bhey

foods of himachal pradesh

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Prepared from thinly sliced lotus stem, Bhey is a famous household dish in Himachal Pradesh. Cooked along with sautéed ginger, garlic, and chopped onion, this is a dish rich in flavour.

With the addition of coriander, turmeric, and chilli powder, it becomes spicy enough to make you savour the Pahari cuisine. If you are someone who loves cooking too, tasting this dish will make you yearn to go back and recreate it in your kitchen.

3. Auriya Kadoo

foods of himachal pradesh

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It will be hard to find any other way of devouring a pumpkin once you taste Auriya Kadoo in Himachal Pradesh. This rich flavoured dish makes you go yummm at every bite you take.

Prepared with a dash of amchoor (dried raw mango powder) along with seasoning, this spicy cuisine arouses your taste buds and unfurls a tangy flavour in your mouth. Try Auriya Kadoo while you are in Himachal Pradesh and tick another delicious Pahari dish off your food platter.

No trip to the mountainous Himachal Pradesh would ever be complete without gorging its lip-smacking and spicy Indian food. Try out these dishes and return as a happy foodie.

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