Head For These Handpicked Restaurants In Marrakech When In Morocco

The old city of Marrakech is more than regular touristy attraction. With its close proximity to the continent of Europe and French colonial legacy, Marrakech offers a sumptuous spread of cuisine. Here is a comprehensive list of the best restaurants in Marrakech to sate your tastebuds. Before we plunge in the discussion of the best restaurants in Marrakech to experience, we must discuss the historical reasons how food has evolved in here. Many of them are situated in the fancy villas in Marrakech and are absolute delight to experience a dine in.

Marrakech is one of the most important city of Morocco, also a traveller’s favourite destination. The old world charm of the city is reflected in the myriad offerings of cafes too. While the indigenous couscous features heavily on the menu, the new world has made its way, along with few implications of fast food chains too. The obvious French legacy cannot be overlooked in the essence of cafe. The country practices the faith as Islam. Halal food is found in abundance.

Restaurants In Marrakech

Al Fassia

Address – 55 Boulevard Mohamed Zerktouni, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

The Chaab sisters run the famous establishment. It is decked up with plush cushions and warm-hued walls and create an utmost cozy atmosphere for the diners. The fascinating traditional Moroccan dishes are main attractions here. Al Fassia means “the woman from Fez” denoting the origin of the cuisine.The simple menu presents a variety of tagine and couscous dishes with potential to treat your taste buds extraordinarily.

The pigeon b’stilla (layered pie in simple English) with crunchy pastry and moist meat is a favorite among many diners. The tagine dish are essentially a lesson to authentically prepare Moroccan cuisine. In case you want to taste the exceptional delicacies (like lamb shoulder etc), please be informed that the order is taken 24 hours in advance. The old outlet is at the chic neighborhood of Gueliz with the new addition at Aguedal, set amid a beautiful orange tree decorated garden.

The Restaurant at La Maison Arabe

Address – Derb Assehbi, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

Among the better known restaurants in Marrakech, this one features on the top list. It is set in the establishment of the hotel. The legacy of this place runs back to 1940s, just after the second world war. It started by two French women with Pasha and fine tuned the local culture of fine dining. Housed in a cul-de-sac near the Bab Doukkala Mosque, the restaurant has catered to many famous guests, for example, Winston Churchill, Jackie Kennedy and Ernest Hemingway.

The evenings are beautiful here. The exuberantly ornamental teardrop-shaped lanterns lit everywhere. Arab-Andalusian live music resonates with the help of lute and guitar. The heated outdoor pool in the courtyard set the fine mood of the dreamy atmosphere. The menu showcases the best of traditional Moroccan dishes, including Berber vegetable tagine, to more modern fare.

Grand Cafe de la Poste

Address – Avenue Imam Malik, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Almost a century old (Built in 1925 as a cafe of the post office) this French brasserie is colonial chic in its best form. The nostalgic atmosphere reminisce about old world with rattan chairs, wooden blinds and pots of fern and palm trees. Order from the typical French fare or rather modern international as per your choice.

Fresh oysters from Dakhla as a somber accompaniment to chilled wine is my all time favourite. The classic duck confit or steak tartare are always there to astound you as classic experiences. Do pay a visit to numerous art galleries in the Gueliz neighbourhood.

Souk Kafé

Address – Derb Sidi Abd El Aziz, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

In case you have spend considerable amount of time in the Souk Cherifa, and desperately googling about the dining options in Marrakech, trust Souk Kafé, situated on the souk’s rooftop, to serve your the best dishes. the relaxed vibe, married perfectly with the sophisticated vibes of the cafe is its USP.

The open rooftop sitting arrangement is my particular favorite. Stylish young staff and good music add up to the ambience. Chose from a wide spread of Moroccan and International cuisine, ranging from tagine to barbecue to cheeseburger. We suggest you skip the dessert. You can always pick up some pastries from Patisserie des Epices downstairs. Thank me later!


Address – 1 DERB AARJAN,RAHBA LAKDIMA، Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

The young Moroccan entrepreneur Kamal Laftimi’s brainchild, Nomad is an uber stylish yet informal hangout. Rahba Lakdima Spice Square (Place des Epices) houses the place.

Head there to dine with some modern Moroccan flavour, offering dishes such as “revised” harira (a modern interpretation of traditional Moroccan soup, eaten religiously during Ramadan), light salad with argan oil, and local goat cheese and lamb burger with harissa mayo.

Desserts like saffron-scented date cake and amalou ice cream (almond, argan oil and honey) are majorly demanded among customers.

In case you are a discerning traveller with taste of varied cuisine, the cuisine of Marrakech will astound you in every sense. This list of restaurants in Marrakech is what I have tried and tasted. I have hand picked them for your reference.

Incase you have travelled to the myriad beautiful city, soaked in the old romance and celebrated its food culture, let us know your best tip. The one restaurant you had absolutely loved and would suggest everyone to experience. Your choice among the restaurants in Marrakech might just feature in our next article!

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