Remember These 8 Things Before Your First Trip To India

India is a vast and perplexing land, which is culturally very rich. What adds to its awesomeness is the colorful aspects, unique architecture and a huge chunk of historic touch to it. This country offers a variety of never seen before traditions as well as some really appetizing food. To travel in such an extensive country, its of utmost importance to be well-prepared and well-aware of the things about it.

Here’s a compilation of the most useful things to remember on your trip to India to make it a lot more comforting and worry free.

Crazy Traffic – Go wherever you want in India, the most common annoyance you are bound to face is that of the traffic which will leave you stunned for sure. You need a lot of patience on Indian roads because people breaking traffic rules on the go and switching lanes irresponsibly is an ordinary scenario on Indian streets!

Bombay Traffic by Stephen Harrold on


Avoid Consuming Street Food & Water – Though the street food in India will tickle your craving to the core, I would recommend you to stay away as it lacks the hygiene level. Same goes with the tap water. Many a times the impurities in it are clearly visible to a naked eye as well and you would surely not want to spend the rest of the your occasion lying on a hospital bed! Don’t you?

Step Up Your Bargaining Game – The shopkeepers in India are wise enough to differentiate between the locals & tourists with precision and once they find out that you are a tourist, they will offer you their products at sky high prices. So I would suggest you to get some bargaining lessons from the friends you made in India, because we Indians are best in the business when it comes to bargaining as its like our prime forte to be honest!

Street market at Govindghat by Tritirtha Roy on


Wear A Pollution Mask While On The Streets – If you are not familiar with the harmful air and pollution, I would suggest you to carry a pollution mask as a priority because being a country with high population, India’s pollution level has crossed the danger mark in recent times causing asthmatic problems to the majority of citizens.

Encounter With Beggars – Whether you are traveling on public transport or paying a visit to a holy place, you will come across way too many beggars demanding for money. You need to tolerate them and make sure the money you offered them are being used for a good purpose.

Follow Proper Dress Code – India is a country where people give the utmost importance to their traditions and values. There are many temples and shrines in India, where you need to maintain the decorum and dress in proper attire or there are high chances of you getting prohibited from entering the premises.

Golden Temple... by Nimit Nigam on


Crowded Public Transportation – Traveling on public transport in India is nothing less than a mammoth task. May it be a bus, train or auto-rickshaw (tuk-tuk), you will find a sea of crowd accompanying you almost everywhere which makes your ride a rather uncomfortable and miserable one. What makes it even worse is that people here hardly prefer the queue systems!

Respectful Behavior Of Locals – Indians are the strong believers of the term ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, meaning that guests are equal to the almighty so you will be treated with a lot of respect in almost every single corner of the country. Get familiar to be addressed with terms like Bhai, Didi, Uncle or Aunty!

I hope this list would help assist you in your trip to India and we wish you have a great experience in the country which has a lot to offer in every walk of your journey!

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