Must Visit Waterfalls In Gujarat

Be it the historical monuments or the sultry beaches and be it the flawless charm of the national parks or the enthralling lure of islands, Gujarat makes up a perfect tourist destination for every visitor. But there is something which is often overlooked by the visitors and that is the gurgling waterfalls in Gujarat. They’re usually overshadowed by the sky-roaring majesty of palaces and the far-reaching expansion of ‘The Great Rann of Kutch’. So, today let’s cover up the waterfalls of Gujarat that can evoke the wanderlust in you and make you rush for them. Have a look at the list.

Gira Waterfall

Let’s start off by the name which is an identity in itself. Located 3 km from Wangai town and 50 km from Saputara, Gira waterfall is the most splendid waterfall in Gujarat. The waterfall got its name from the river it originates. After originating from Gira River, it falls into Ambika River from a height of 75 meters. Due to a gargantuan height, the water splits in too many streams and falls vigorously creating a foggy atmosphere. The water falls so forcefully that you can clearly hear the gurgling roars of water from a wide distance. 

gira waterfalls in gujarat

Due to the moist, the surrounding of Gira fall is always replete with the awe-inspiring greenery. This natural beauty is unexplored by the humans, so it always remains in its full splendor. As the waterfall is dangerous, you’re not allowed to step into it. So, treat your eyes from a wide distance and yes, don’t forget to carry your camera because your camera can’t get a more enthralling place than this. If you’re an adventurous freak, so visit it in monsoon months because during this season, it comes in its full glory. 

Zarwani Waterfall

Forget the royal palaces of Bhuj and clap your eyes on Zarwani waterfalls. Have you ever wondered how people survived when there was not this high-tech technology? If yes, Zarwani waterfall will give you a perfect answer your question. Located in the dense forest of Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary, Zarwani waterfall has a glory of its own. Technology is dead here and but believe me, you won’t need it either.

The waterfall will completely enthrall you. As you’ll ente the forest, you’ll see the gushing streams of water coming through the rocky terrain. They all meet and create a thick waterfall.  The lush surroundings of Zarwani waterfall make it an ideal place for the picnic. If you want to go for the trekking, Zarwani waterfall allows the visitors to relish the pleasure. 

Girimal Waterfall

Don’t mistake it for Gira fall. It is the other one. Located in the Dang district, Girmal waterfall is formed by the Gira and Purna River. The waterfall is named after the village Girmal where it is located. Falling from the height of more than 100 feet, Girimal waterfall holds the honor of being the highest waterfall in Gujarat. 

Due to such a gigantic height, the flow of water is extremely fast in Girimal waterfall and thus, it creates a misty aura all around. Flanked by the luxuriant greenery from all the sides, Girimal waterfall is a haven for nature lovers. To reach there, you would need to walk on foot from Girimal village which is around 2 km from the waterfall. 

Shankar Waterfall

Each and every waterfall of Gujarat has its own splendor but there is one thing which is in common in all waterfalls and that is the dense forests. All waterfalls of Gujarat seem to hide themselves amid the darkness of the impenetrable forests and the same goes with Shankar waterfall. With a majestic backdrop of Sahyadri ranges, Shankar waterfall renders a captivating view. 

Located inside the impenetrable forest of Dharampur, the waterfall is bequeathed with the evergreen natural beauty. It is very close to Wilson hill station. This is another reason that makes Shankar waterfall a popular one in its category. Unlike other waterfalls, Shankar waterfall is a set of many thin water streams. Though the streams are thin, the flow of water is extremely solid. 

Barda Waterfall

Barda waterfall is a delight haven for the adventurous freaks. It falls from a majestic twelve-step rock, so the flow of water is vigorous. If you think yourself a stuntman and can go to the uttermost level of the thrill, Barda waterfall is for you. The waterfall will surely give you a memory to treasure for the lifetime.

 Apart from capturing the hundreds of snaps and treating your eyes with the panoramic views, go for a daunting trekking in Barda waterfall. Trekking is allowed here by the administration but you would need to be a bit careful. The darkness of Dang forest and the ruggedness of sloppy rocks can make your soul shiver for a moment. Barda waterfall is 10 km from Chankhal village. To reach Chankhal village, you will have to take Ahwa-Mahal road. 

Hathni Mata waterfall

Hathni mata waterfall is another mesmerizing waterfall from Gujarat. It falls from the height of 100 meters and is bedecked with the lush flora & fauna. The waterfall is so densely draped by the thick forests that for a while, you would think that the water streams are coming from the trees. 

You can’t really find out the origin point of the fall.  Due to its impenetrable trees, the waterfall is a hidden treasure in the Indian state of Gujarat which is still unexplored. Not many people know about the waterfall but it certainly deserves a visit. It actually originates from a cave which houses an elephant cut-shaped rock and a Kali Mata temple. This is why, the waterfall is called Hathni mata waterfall. You can reach Hathni mata waterfall from Vadodara as it is hardly 80 km from the city. 

Jamzir Waterfall

Last in this list but not in Gujarat. If you’ll compare it with the all above-mentioned waterfalls, Jamzir waterfall would be your first choice in terms of accessibility and probably the last choice in term of fascination. Located in Junagadh district, Jamzir waterfall is the most approachable waterfall in Gujarat, that’s why it entices every visitor coming to Junagadh. 

The waterfall is nearly 30-40 feet high but the streams are very thick. Don’t dare to step into it. You won’t be able to control yourself in the irrepressible flow of water. The fall is exactly located in Kodinar town and you can get there easily from Junagadh. 

So, these are the must-visit waterfalls of Gujarat. Some of them are easily accessible while for some, you would need to walk but they all are worth visiting. 

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